"Spreading God's Transforming Love"
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Mustard Seed Church Mission Board Vision

Successful missions work is based on partnerships. Our partnership with our missionaries is based on a common vision, doctrine, and healthy relationships with our church leaders and members. Each needs the other for mutual encouragement, support, and to fulfill the Great Commission. Our desire is to maintain the partnerships in a way that is mutually beneficial to the church, the missionaries, and the people we are serving.

It is our desire to provide missions opportunities where our congregation can feel confident in giving and/or going. It is our intention to provide mission opportunities with as much doctrinal agreement as possible, consistent integrity, and where the overall influence on visiting MSC team members would be considered positive. We want to partner with missionaries who will be a blessing to our church members and our church members would be a blessing to the missionaries.

The Mission Board along with the church Elders, provide the missionary with the privilege of access to the congregation and their support.

It is our desire to be a support and blessing to the missionaries we are in partnership with. This would include prayer, promotion of your ministry to our church, and counsel as needed. It is important that a foundation of trust is built and maintained where we can each speak openly and honestly in all areas of our relationship and ministry. If we are the home church, we intend to continue the home church relationship even while you are on the field. Being both a church member and missionary sent out from our congregation, provides additional support and comes with additional responsibility.