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Sunday School | 9:00 AM
Morning Service | 10:00 AM
Kid's Church | 10:30 AM

Sermon Summary

Living Richly: Full of Joy

What if you could have a sense of inner happiness, well-being, security, & contentment that was ongoing? Sounds impossible doesn’t it? But it isn’t. God calls this joy. Joy is not dependent on circumstances, possessions, emotions, or how people treat us. It isn’t tied to any of these things. Whereas, happiness, as we know it, […]


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Prayer Series»

Someone has said that prayer is the most often talked about topic in Christendom, but the least practiced. Yet prayer is absolutely essential to the welfare of the individual believer & the church in general. Why is there a disconnect between theory & practice? This series of teachings on prayer aims at inspiring the people […]

Your God Story»

May 2014 I was doubting God in my healing. I do not doubt God and His healing power – but I do doubt that He will heal me. That is hard to say, but true. I do doubt that God will heal me. I know God is in the tough stuff, He carries us through […]

Submit Your God Story»

We believe God is living & active in our lives. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small. But big or small, they all impact us. If you’d like to share the God Story in your life with others, please fill out the form by clicking HERE. By filling out the form, you’re allowing us to […]